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asset management

Member of JSK Holding, JSK Asset Management helps individual and institutional investors maximize returns on real estate investments in Lebanon through tailored value added products and superior management.

Our Strategy

The core of our strategy lies in understanding investor’s specific needs and appetites in terms of Risk & Return to build a tailored policy statement. We are focused on the most efficient use of investor capital, and hence we select and allocate assets that maximize the overall portfolio return and ensure risk diversification.
The selection is based on our understanding to the market trends as well as the behavior of different real estate classes: residential, commercial, raw land, hotel, etc.

Advantages of our Approach

Organized Team & Structure - Our forward deployed network of agents and branches across the country, allows us to capture market opportunities and translate them into property selection and asset origination.

Superior Performance Management -The overall performance of the portfolio is periodically monitored on risk adjusted return basis. Asset allocation and diversification is also revisited to ensure the overall portfolio risk and return expectations are always met.

Property Level Strategy – We strive to optimize the value of the assets by proper selection and subsequent management of the portfolio of real estate.

Strong Partnership – partners responsible for strategy execution and implementation have solid record in real estate management in Lebanon and Gulf region.

JSK has now become a strong and well-recognized player in the Lebanese Real Estate market. This reputation comes from a principle: our eagerness to find Real Estate assets where value is real!